September 19th, 2009

When I was a young girl and my friends had posters on their walls of teen idols, my wall held a picture of a huge arch of natural stone rising from a sparkling body of water. Under the picture was the famous quote by poet Robert Frost “The Best Way Out Is Always Through.”

The intensity of the arch obscured my vision of what lay beyond.  This kept me continually contemplating what the other side held.  I spent countless nights staring at the picture and marveling at its beauty before drifting off to sleep. The actual poster is long gone, lost along the way as I traveled from girl to woman, student to teacher.  Nevertheless, the arch and the quote remained an indelible image in my mind.  It became my symbolic guiding light, the path to my truth as I viewed it from different angles and perspectives.

I viewed it from the entrance, always curious to step forward and see what was ahead, yet fearful of the unknown.  At times I moved deeper into the arch but then hesitated and ran back to its beginning.  I tried skirting around it, only to find myself at the entrance once again. I have since learned to move through the arch with bravery and determination. I continue to progress steadily forward viewing all obstacles as opportunities that bring me closer to self-actualization. Little did I realize that subconsciously my future was being built on that metaphoric arch and those profound seven words: “The best way out is always through”.