What is the goal of coaching and how can it benefit you?

Coaching will help you get in touch with your core beliefs, values and true self. The clarity gained through coaching will then enable you to focus on your goals. Together, we will design a plan to help you move forward. These newly acquired life skills will assist you in overcoming obstacles as they arise. Ultimately, you will be a happier and more peaceful individual.

Who do I help?

  • People wanting to create their ideal life using the Law of Attraction
  • Young adults looking for life direction.
  • Empty nesters adjusting to their new lifestyle and looking for their next purpose.
  • Individuals and couples seeking to heal, improve upon or maximize relationships.
  • Seekers wanting to deepen their spiritual practice.


What does a coaching session consist of ?

Sessions are fun, informative, and enlightening. They are custom designed for each client using various tools and methods to fit your individual needs. Sessions can take place either in person or on the phone depending on the client's circumstances. All information shared is strictly confidential.


Val brings her colorful view of life to every interaction. Her intuitive nature has been enhanced by the highest level of professional life coach training.

She has been fuel for the spirit when I have been challenged by "things as they are." She has helped me regain the energy to move one step farther towards "things as they ought to be".

She has helped me to see my highest potential and strive to actualize it. Val pointed me towards the path of achieving the reality of my true stature. My life has shape, purpose, vision, and potential and I owe this perspective to Val!
- L.F, Registered Nurse Florida


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