The mind-body concept is grounded in the powerful ways in which your thoughts and body are in a constant dynamic inter-play. With its divine wisdom your body speaks to you in response to how you feel about the events taking place in your life at any given time.

When you are stressed, anxious or upset your body nudges you to raise your awareness and acknowledge that something isn’t right. First your body might manifest distress with symptoms such as neck tightness back pain or inexplicable lethargy. If these symptoms are ignored your body may dial up its tone with more severity.

Although this process may sound daunting at first it is actually a tremendous gift. It teaches us that we can make nourishing choices based on the guidance of our incredibly intelligent body.

One of the main tools that acknowledge this theory of mind-body interconnectedness is yoga. As a certified yoga instructor I offer carefully selected yoga, breathing and meditation techniques to suit each individual clients needs. My deepest belief is that application of these practices can positively elevate your quality of life.

One-on-one and group hour or hour- and-a-half sessions are available.

I also offer packages that combine yoga with coaching for a unique mind-body healing experience.

Yoga Packages:


1 hour
 $ 75  Tandem $ 100  Semi-Private (3-4 people) $ 30 a person

1.5 hours
 $ 65  Tandem $ 100  Semi-Private (3-4 people) $ 35 a person

If you would like to experience the benefit of coaching with Valerie, just add $30 for a half-hour to any above Yoga session.

My experience with Valerie was invaluable.  I was at a roadblock in my life and she helped me realize the direction I needed to go mentally,physically and spiritually.  I have reached some of my goals and working towards others.
- Chris Stone


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